Our mission is to help people in choosing computer games

Today there are a lot of reviews of computer equipment, but the vast majority of them are purely promotional. We adhere to a completely different ideology.

Why are reviews needed?

Each user of a computer or console chooses hardware solely according to their needs or budget. In the first case, we pay attention in our reviews to the system requirements that govern modern computer games. Both the console and the PC must have high technical parameters and an attractive appearance. The budget gaming segment is also a popular type of review. We always try to offer only the best options for components and ready-made computer assemblies.  

Review criteria

In the process of preparing the material, we carefully study all the characteristics of both gaming platforms and software optimization. For example, some games work better on X-box, and some work better on PS 2. Based on this, the review criteria are as follows:

  • Maximum objectivity;
  • Game testing;
  • Assessment of work load and stability of work;
  • The cost of components;
  • Feedback from real buyers.