FFXIV – Eorzea Academy: A Manga Spin-Off


Final Fantasy XIV: Eorzea Academy is an absolutely hilarious manga series that totally reimagines the game characters as high school students. You can check out the first chapter online, and if you’re really excited, you can even pre-order it now!

Final Fantasy XIV: Eorzea Academy is a super cool spin-off manga series based on the massively MMORPG Final Fantasy 14. The manga is written by the awesome Esora Amaichi and supervised by the Final Fantasy XIV Operations Team. It is published by the legendary Square Enix and serialized on the Manga UP! app.

The first chapter was released on May 26, 2023, and the print, as well as the ebook edition will be released on September 19, 2023. You can pre-order it now for around $14 in print version, and around $9 in ebook format. You can find it on amazon and various book stores.

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The manga is a hilarious comedy that shows the daily lives of various characters from the game in a modern day high school setting. You can get a sneak peek of the manga on the official website.

The manga follows Alisaie, a high school student who goes to Eorzea Academy, an exclusive school that was created by merging two rival schools: the Academy of Light and the Academy of Darkness. But even though they merged, the students from both sides still clash with each other all the time, which is causing a lot of trouble for headmistress Tataru.

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In order to improve the spirit and harmony within the school, Tataru decides to organize various activities and competitions for the students to take part in. Along with her twin brother Alphinaud and their friends, Alisaie faces all sorts of challenges and adventures both in and out of school. And of course, they also have to deal with their enemies from the Class of Darkness. 

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The manga features many familiar faces from Final Fantasy XIV as students or teachers, and it also includes hints to iconic scenes and other elements from the game.

In summary, Final Fantasy XIV’s Eorzea Academy is an absolutely delightful manga that offers a fresh and funny perspective on the game’s world and characters. It is a “must read” for fans of FFXIV who want to see their favorite heroes, and villains, in a totally new light.

Personally, I am super excited to read all the chapters of this manga, and I can’t wait to see how the story unfolds! If you’re not sure whether you should read it or not, don’t hesitate to check out the Free preview here.

The Kalimdor Cup Has Been Extended!


Attention all gamers! Get ready for an exciting announcement from Blizzard! The highly anticipated Kalimdor Cup has just been extended for an extra week! That’s right, you now have even more time to participate in this thrilling event. Don’t miss out on the action, as the Kalimdor Cup will now end on September 4th, just before the launch of patch 10.1.7. Get your game on and prepare for an epic adventure!

Blizzard LogoKalimdor Cup (Source)

Update: The Kalimdor Cup is being extended an additional week; players can dash, dodge, and dive through the skies until September 4.

Are you ready to embark on a thrilling dragonriding racing event in the skies of Kalimdor? Join the Riders of Azeroth and compete in exhilarating races throughout the region. Speak to Lord Andestrasz in Valdrakken to learn more about this exciting opportunity.

“The Riders of Azeroth invite dragonriders to compete in races throughout Kalimdor! Talk to Lord Andestrasz in Valdrakken for more information.”

When: August 15–28
Where: Begins in Valdrakken

Prepare yourself for a total of sixteen races spread across Kalimdor. Choose from Normal, Advanced, and Reverse variations to challenge yourself on different courses. Head to Valdrakken and meet Lord Andestrasz near the Rostrum of Transformation to begin your journey. The sky is your playground, so don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity!

Ahn’Qiraj Circuit (Outdoor Ahn’Qiraj, South of Silithus) Nordrassil Spiral (Mount Hyjal)
Ashenvale Ambit (Ashenvale) Razorfen Roundabout (Southern Barrens)
Great Divide Dive (Northern Barrens) Rocketway Ride (Azshara)
Desolace Drift (Desolace) Thousand Needles Thread (Thousand Needles)
Durotar Tour (Durotar) Uldum Tour (Uldum)
Felwood Flyover (Felwood) Un’Goro Crater Circuit (Un’goro Crater)
Feralas Ruins Ramble (Feralas) Webwinder Weave (Stonetalon Mountains)
Hyjal Hotfoot (Mount Hyjal) Winter Wander (Winterspring)


Rewards For a Fancy Flight


As you participate in the Kalimdor Cup races, you have the chance to earn achievements and a special currency called Riders of Azeroth Badges. These badges can be exchanged for unique items and rewards from Maztha in Valdrakken. Soar through the skies with style and show off your fancy flight skills!

Brand new dragon customizations:
New Drake Racer’s transmog set:
If everything else has been purchased, you can repeatedly buy:

The sky’s the limit (unless you’re trying to beat the timer); may the winds be at your back as you go for the gold.

Updated Level Requirements for Timewalking in Patch 10.1.7


Blizzard has once again raised the bar for Timewalking events in the highly anticipated Patch 10.1.7 Release Candidate build.

Just last week, the minimum level requirement to embark on the thrilling Timewalking adventures was set at a formidable Level 45. But hold on tight, because this week brings even more exciting changes, as discovered by the renowned MrGM.

  • Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King Timewalking now beckon adventurers at Level 30, offering a chance to relive the epic battles of the past.
  • Cataclysm and MoP Timewalking demand a higher level of skill and experience, requiring participants to reach Level 35 before venturing into these treacherous realms.
  • Warlords of Draenor Timewalking presents a formidable challenge, calling upon heroes who have reached Level 40 to prove their mettle.
  • Legion Timewalking, the pinnacle of temporal adventures, awaits only those who have achieved the prestigious Level 45, offering a chance to rewrite history itself.
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