Gears Of War Creator Discusses His Alien Game Pitch And What Went Wrong

Several years ago, Cliff Bleszinski, the creator and designer of Gears of War, had a proposal for an Aliens game based on the well-known film series. However, the game did not progress due to the involvement of Disney, as stated by Bleszinski. In an interview with ComicBook, Bleszinski mentioned that he was “essentially” in discussions to develop an Aliens game and even presented the idea to the team at Boss Key.

Unfortunately, Disney intervened and terminated the project following their acquisition of 20th Century Fox, the owner of the Alien franchise. Bleszinski expressed his frustration, stating, “I had a comprehensive pitch ready, but then the House of Mouse had to interfere and disrupt everything, which was one of the many consecutive failures that led to the downfall of Boss Key.”

In 2019, Disney successfully completed a monumental deal worth $71 billion to acquire the majority of Fox’s entertainment assets, including Aliens, Deadpool, Family Guy, The Simpsons, X-Men, and more.

“Aliens will always hold a special place in my heart. The first film is a masterful portrayal of suspense, while the second one combines suspense with thrilling action. Although I’m not the biggest fan of Avatar, I must admit that James Cameron is a brilliant director,” Bleszinski added.

Prior to this, Bleszinski revealed to ComingSoon that Boss Key “had an opportunity” to work on the Aliens franchise. He expressed his interest in getting involved with Aliens and Firefly, two existing entertainment franchises. Bleszinski also attributed the disruption to Disney’s acquisition of Fox, the owner of the Alien franchise.

Over the years, numerous Alien games have been released. The most recent one, Aliens: Dark Descent, was launched in June 2023.

In unrelated news, Bleszinski recently shared his belief that the Gears of War series could benefit from a reboot similar to God of War.