Trials Of Osiris Rewards This Week In Destiny 2 (September 22-26)

The Trials of Osiris has commenced in Season 22 of Destiny 2, promising a much less stressful experience compared to last week’s session where players exploited modified weapons for an unfair advantage. Now that things are back on track, you have the opportunity to join forces with fellow Guardians and acquire the highly sought-after Igneous Hammer, a hand cannon renowned as one of the finest in its class within Destiny 2. As always, you can consult the whereabouts of Xur and explore his inventory to gain an edge in Destiny 2’s intense PvP event. Let’s delve into the details of this weekend’s Trials of Osiris location and the weapons you can earn.

  • Map: Javelin-4
  • Flawless Reward: Igneous Hammer (Adept)
  • Reputation Rank 4: Upgrade Module
  • Reputation Rank 7: Enhancement Prism
  • Reputation Rank 10: Cataphract GL3 — Grenade launcher
  • Reputation Rank 13: Upgrade Module
  • Reputation Rank 16: Igneous Hammer — Hand cannon

The Trials Passage offerings have also been enhanced to provide a more rewarding experience. Starting with the Passage of Wealth, you will now receive +75 Trials reputation for every victory, along with an additional bonus based on your current major rank in Trials, totaling up to +150. The Passage of Mercy, on the other hand, grants forgiveness for two losses if you have not achieved a flawless run for the week. After attaining a flawless victory, it reverts back to forgiving a single loss on each card after resetting.

The Trials event commences from the daily reset on Friday at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET and concludes at the weekly reset on Tuesday at the same time. Don’t forget to visit Saint-14 in the Tower to obtain a Trials card, which determines certain bonuses such as milestone rewards and the forgiveness of losses. Your ultimate objective in the Trials of Osiris is to achieve a flawless run alongside your fireteam, winning seven matches without a single loss.

If you manage to achieve a flawless victory, you will earn a trip to the Lighthouse and receive special rewards, including the coveted Adept weapons. These weapons possess additional stat bonuses, making them highly desirable items. It’s important to note that your Trials Passage, the card purchased from Saint-14 that grants access to the mode and tracks your wins, does not keep track of your losses. This means you can continue playing and earning rewards even if you fail to achieve a flawless run.