Level 50 Hardcore Character Killed by Level 6 Mobs


There truly exists no secure place in Classic Hardcore. We’ve witnessed bank alts meet their demise due to griefers summoning mobs in major cities, numerous players recently lost their characters due to unstable servers, even Ouro made clones of himself to eliminate players! Then there are the usual deaths caused by disconnections, being away from keyboard, Mak’gora’s, and of course, the ever-present drownings. And now we must include mobs 44 levels lower than you to the list!

Bozzy253 had a busy day working remotely, and thus decided to engage in a very passive and secure activity. Training the Mage’s defense skill in Tirisfal Glades on their level 50 character appeared to be a good semi-AFK endeavor. That is, until some technical difficulties transformed the entire plan into a catastrophe.

While level 6 mobs may not pose a significant threat to a level 50 character (even if they are a cloth-wearer), they still inflict some damage. After reaching 50% HP against the 4 mobs while closely monitoring their character, just as they were about to eliminate the mobs and replenish their health, bozzy‘s graphics card malfunctioned. Only a black screen remained and panic ensued, resorting to frantically using all available damage abilities in hopes that something would register. After restarting the PC, it barely functioned, with a mere 1 FPS everywhere, indicating that the graphics card was irreparably damaged. And after a quick visit to their spouse’s computer, the worst was confirmed: the Mage had perished at the hands of 4 level 6 mobs.

And the most unfortunate aspect? Bozzy’s Mage was only 2 defense points away from completion…

Level 50 mage died to level 6 mobs while training defense skill – PC crash fatality
byu/bozzy253 inclassicwow

So let that serve as a lesson to you: nothing is secure in Classic Hardcore. NOTHING.