Description of the computer game Bloodborne

Bloodborne – “Transmitted through the blood”, an exciting role-playing game in the spirit of dark fantasy.


The action takes place in the mysterious city of Yharnam. It has long been famous for the fact that it healed from any ailment by blood transfusion. Thousands of hopeless patients rushed here for help. The main character is also one of them. However, when he arrives, he learns terrible news: the city is engulfed in an epidemic. An unknown disease makes monsters out of people. In exchange for his cure, the hero will become a hunter, fight monsters and nightmarish creatures. His haven will be the otherworldly “Hunter’s Dream” – a safe place where you can rest.

Herman lives here – the first hunter, an old man in a wheelchair, a Doll that came to life and turned into a man, as well as Messengers – small inhabitants of dreams. Everyone helps the gamer, teaches how to hunt down and destroy monsters. The hero learns the history of Yharnam, the veil of secrets gradually opens. In ancient times, the inhabitants worshiped god-like beings – the Great, who gave them a miraculous medicine. But, along with its healing power, the remedy turned out to be the source of the plague. The Great Ones did this to raise up their infant, the Presence of the Moon.

There are several outcomes in the denouement:

Herman kills the player, after which he wakes up in the real world. The hunt is over, the sun is rising on Yharnam.

The hero fights Herman and defeats him. The Presence of the Moon enters the scene, subjugating the player, who now finds himself in Herman’s place. The doll takes him in a wheelchair to the “Hunter’s Dream”.

If a character during the game collects special artifacts – “thirds of the umbilical cord”, then he can enter into a fight with the Presence of the Moon. Destroying it, he becomes Great.


Action with a fairly high level of difficulty is based on tactics. The gamer moves around the Gothic city, exploring it, destroying the monsters. He is armed with firearms and melee weapons, which are improved by using gems. Runes allow you to improve the performance of the player himself. There is a system of trophies, they are obtained for completing certain tasks. A variety of locations with good graphics, a bewitching play of light and shadow, appropriate musical accompaniment will immerse thrill-seekers into a real “hunt in a nightmare”.